Today Show 2004

Today Show at the Rockefeller Center, New York. December 3, 2004. Video (10.3 Mb; 4:31 min).

Good morning! You brought your daughter with you, one of your daughters, this morning?
Katia: Yes, one of my daughters is here with her friend.

How old is she?
Katia: She is 12, Daria.

And you got a three-year-old at home?
Katia: Yes, the three-year-old is at home with her father.

So you are dealing with tween years right now, right? Almost a teenager here?
Katia: Yes, yes, it's nice they are good.

Tell me about NBC Special you are going to be a part of.
Katia: This special is Katarina Witt & Friends, which is going to air on NBS, I think, January 2nd. This show is presented by Hyundai and there are a lot of good skaters: Yuka Sato, Steven Cousins, obviously Katarina Witt is going to skate there. So it's gonna be fun

We look forward to it. We're gonna let you take the ice and I want to set up introduction here because you're going to be actually performing with a live singer. Why don't you get ready to take the ice and I'm going to let the folks know as I get my paper squared. And we're going to introduce Hayley Westenra, who is up there on the stairs right now. Her debut album titled "Pure" has sold more than two million copies worldwide. So Katia and Hayley...

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