Moscow - Spring 1987

This fluff piece was shown before Katia and Sergei's short program skate at Calgary Olympics. The piece was filmed in spring of 1987. Video - 3:01 min: 8 Mb.

Voiceover: First of all, it isn't always cold in Moscow. In fact, spring time is beautiful, the time for enjoying the outdoors, forgetting about winter, having a good time. However, it is for some people the time for preparing for winter, growing into your sport while the crops are growing in the fields.It is the case of Gordeeva and Grinkov - the world's pair champions, but still improving their skills in many directions. Away from the rink they could be from anywhere. But they are, in fact, both natives of Moscow. Sergei is 21, Ekaterina or Katia, as she is called, is 16 and growing. In fact, they are both still growing. Growing involves trips to places like the Bolshoi Ballet. Ballet training may be the secret weapon of Soviet pair skaters. Katia's father, by the way, is a folk dancer with a Red Army's Song and Dance group. Ballet training is threaded through their everyday training, two or three times a week really. They also watch ballet and study it. In spring time they have some leisure to see their city, absorb its culture, make it part of themselves and their skating. Still, the main thing is practice twice a day with coach and choreographer. No financial worries by the way, it's all on the state.

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Katia: I'm happy to be involved in figure skating. I have opportunity, I have a coach, a choreographer, my skating club. They give me ice for practice time. I am happy. I can't imagine life anymore without figure skating. I don't know, but my goal is to keep skating for a long time.
Sergei: I would like to perform at a level of sport we are currently at for as long as possible. And from time to time grow a bit.

Voiceover: But not to lose a common touch. So they ride the graffiti free Moscow subway. While full attention is paid to the product - their skating, some time is saved for the window dressing - their costumes. Soviet skaters often look more like royalty than a proletarian, flowers and all. And nowadays, even English lessons for media relations. This pair has a particular soft spot for the United States. It was there that they have won their second World title and had some fun too.

Katia: I was a champion in America in Cincinnati. I will remember it for the rest of my life. In Los Angeles, we went to Disneyland, went to a concert, to a restaurant. It was really interesting. It would be hard to forget something like that.