Regis and Kathie Lee Show 2000

On March 1, 2000 Katia appeared on "Regis and Kathie Lee show." She skated a part of her Petrarch Sonnet program. Below is the transcript of her conversation with Regis.
Hi, How are you? Nice to see you. Look at this little girl right here! Two-time Olympic winner. So nice to have you here. How's the ice on this rink?
Katia: It's good. I'm here first time. And it's good.

It's a little bit cooler than I thought it was going to be.
Katia: A little bit cold. Yeah.

So your nickname is Katia?
Katia: Katia.

And you're Russian and you have a home in Russia and here in the United States.
Katia: Yes, I live in Connecticut here in the United States.

In Connecticut, too? Good for you. Your husband had an untimely death about five or six years ago he was a tremendous skater as well, wasn't he?
Katia: Yeah, we were skating together very good.

You have a little girl named Daria.
Katia: Yeah, her name is Daria.

Is she with you now?
Katia: Not right here. She's seven years old so she has to be in school. So she's in school right now.

In Connecticut?
Katia: Yeah.

Ah, good, good, great. So you're living here most of the time.
Katia: Here?
Yeah, in the United States.
Katia: Yes.

So now let's talk about what you're doing now. You're competing in Stars On Ice?
Katia: No, it's not a competition. It's a show.

Just a show.
Katia: It's a show, Target Stars On Ice. And it's been around for fourteen years, I think. It's a wonderful show. We're performing in Madison Square Garden on Saturday at 8 o'clock.

Is there any difference between professional ice skating and amateur?
Katia: Yeah, amateur figure skaters, they mostly competing and there is judges who always judge you but professional skating is mostly shows, fun skating, and...

It's more fun, isn't it?
Katia: It's more fun, it's more for audience, it's more for entertainment.

Well, we've been watching you here. You've been putting on quite a show today. And we're going to see a little bit of it right now. What you're going to see is her work with what is sort of her trademark symbol here which is the ribbon.
Katia: Yes.

So, what is it, eighteen feet long?
Katia: I think so.

Something like that. And you're going to perform a piano instrumental now by Franz Liszt and Vladimir Horowitz called ribbon. Good luck to you. Watch this. She's terrific./p>