Ice Olympus 10.10.03

A short interview taken at Artur Dmitriev show in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Ekaterina, hello. May we ask one question? This is Russian...
Katia: I won't be able to change my costume; I need to do it...
Ekaterina Gordeeva flew very fast by our microphone, but do not despair, she promised to come back and tell us all about it.

Today you skate for the first time in Artur Dmitriev show, tell us what is your impression? What do you feel?
Katia: It is great! I’ve heard a lot, that it is great and that so many people come to see it, that people love figure skating and want to see everyone and... Well, I wanted to come very much last year, but my child was very little, I could not go away so far, and there was nobody I could leave my child with. And this year, I am so glad that I came, very much. First, the palace is magnificent, and second, show has a different energy when skaters and spectators are at home, and they are native to me. I have not been skating in my own country for so long and I feel very different. I skated in many shows, but in this... I would like to do it again!

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