Grand Slam of Figure Skating 2000


A short interview taken at the Grand Slam of Figure Skating in 2000. Download video 4.7 Mb (1:12 min).

Voice-over: Teammates Ilia Kulik and Katia Gordeeva skated pairs together last season on tour. What's developed is a romance off the ice and a respect for each other as well.


Ilia: When I see her, I see that quality of skating and it doesn't matter how she is skating in pairs or if she's doing single skating. It's, you know, it's a pure quality of movement, it is a pure quality of skating, it's.. You know if she is doing a step, you can be sure that this is the right step and this is the right edge.

Katia: He like to invent something on the ice like to do some different movements which he never saw on anyone, not on the ice. You know, he's always having ideas on something. Like you'll see one of his numbers I thought it's amazing because I never saw anyone do this stuff on the ice. And he's just doing it all by himself. For me it's pretty amazing. But, um... mostly he inspires me (laughs).