ZineZone 22.09.1999

ZineZone: Ekaterina Gordeeva and her partner, Sergei Grinkov, came to define pairs skating, until he died in 1995 of a heart attack. She's had to carve out a new career on ice and raise their daughter on her own. We're chatting with her as she's rehearsing for a new show that debuts at Lake Placid this November, "Target Stars on Ice". Send your questions in now! Katia! How are the rehearsals going?
Katia: Rehearsals began Monday and it's just started. There's not much happening yet.

ZineZone: What do you have planned for this season? What shows and competitions are you going to skate in?
Katia: There's a competition this weekend. It will be my first this season. My first competition will be Grand Slam which is this weekend... Toronto. Only one so far. :o)

ZineZone: Will you be performing any pairs programs in SOI shows again this season? If so, with whom?
Katia: I hope I will. We don't know yet... we're just getting ideas now.

ZineZone: How did you prepare before going out on the ice every night?
Katia: We warm up for 45 minutes, then take a rest.

ZineZone: Ekaterina, you always seem to be in great shape. What do your off ice workouts consist of?
Katia: Most of the time I'm skating 3 or 4 hours a day. Because of practice almost every day, it keeps me in shape

ZineZone: Katia, are you familiar with precision/synchronized skating? If so, do you think it has a future in skating?
Katia: I am familiar with it, but not very much. I haven't seen it in competition, but I have seen it in performance. It's hard to tell about its' future, but it looks nice on ice!

ZineZone: When did you begin skating?
Katia:I began when I was 3 years old in Moscow.

ZineZone: How do you spend your usual day?
Katia: The same as every other woman. I get up, bring my daughter to school, then I go to practice. I come home in the evening. It's all the same. I have my mother to help.

ZineZone:Katya, greetings from Moscow! Shall we see "Stars on Ice" show in Moscow sometime in the future? Were there any attempts to organize such a show? Good luck to you!
Katia: I would love to see it sometime! I know that they are trying to get it there, but it's difficult. It will be wonderful if it can happen.

ZineZone: Ekaterina, Are there any American pairs that you think may have a bright future?
Katia: I haven't been following the American pairs very closely, I'm afraid.

ZineZone: I would imagine that skating as a team is like having a conversation with someone. Do you miss skating as part of a team?
Katia: Yes, I do miss it. I will be doing some skating with ilia kulik this season.

ZineZone: First I want to thank you for sparking my interest in Russia. I think it is a very beautiful and interesting country. It saddens me to see it in such turmoil right now. I was wondering how you feel about your homeland and if you still visit your dacha in the summers?
Katia: Yes, I still visit every summer. My daughter goes with me. In Moscow, you don't feel the turmoil. It's hard to say but... in Moscow it really is fine. I do feel safe visiting there.

ZineZone: What are some of your fondest childhood memories of growing up in Russia?
Katia: My childhood is *all* nice memories! In school and before I got to skate for fun. I practiced a lot, but a lot of friends and family. There was always time to have fun.

ZineZone: How different is it raising Daria here than it would be raising her in Russia?
Katia: She is definitely having more opportunity to learn in school to take lessons skating and tennis. There are so many different choices. The place where I live in Connecticut is very safe. The schools are good too. It's unstable in Russia and I am concerned about education there. She speaks Russian at home, so she will know both.

ZineZone: What kinds of sports is Daria interested in....does she have any interest in figure skating?
Katia: She was trying to skate a little, but she didn't enjoy it very much. She is taking gymnastics and likes that.

ZineZone: What is it like having your own bath and body line at Target?
Katia: I'm very proud of the products and Target. It was really fun to be involved in the creation of the fragrance. I was really involved in that part of the packaging in the body and bath line. I think it's come out very well.

ZineZone: Are you making any Target appearances near Cincinnati?
Katia: I had a lot of appearences in April when the new fragrance came out... although I'm not sure I was in Cincinnati. Not this fall, as far as I know.

ZineZone: I heard that Target was thinking of Katia Sports Wear. Any idea when?
Katia: They were thinking about it, but I don't have any definite plans.

ZineZone: How do you balance the rigorous schedule of skating with regular tasks of everyday life?
Katia: I have my family, my mother, who help. That's how I can have time for practice.

ZineZone: What has been the most challenging program in skating for you?
Katia: Almost all the program was some sort of a challenge. Solo and pairs are different, but when you get ready especially as an amateur, every program is a challenge! You have to skate the best you can. I can't think of any special part being more challenging than another.

ZineZone: Who do you like to watch figure skating?
Katia: There are so many great skaters! Everyone on Stars on Ice I love to watch everyone. They all skate so wonderfully. I like to watch pairs skating.

ZineZone: What do you enjoy doing when you are not performing?
Katia: I stay home. That's enjoyable for me. Traveling is tiring.

ZineZone: Do you have a favorite moment/ program from your skating career?
Katia: In 1994-1995, well... the free program was the best.

ZineZone: Are you going to be commenting on any skating events?
Katia: It's pretty hard. I guess you have to be talented in talking... and knowing what to say and when. It was interesting and something new... I'd like to.

ZineZone: Katia, you are such an inspiration and I love your skating. Will you be competing at the World Pros this year? I will be going and I want to see you skate!
Katia: Thank you very much. I don't know if this competition will happen at all this year. But if it is, I would love to go. Not all the competitions are completely set yet.

ZineZone: hi Katia. I have to tell you that I have always wanted to meet you, how do you handle your fans?
Katia: I really like my fans. Without their support I wouldn't be skating. It's nice to know they are interested in my life. I really enjoy chatting with them like this. :o)

ZineZone: Would you like Daria to pursue a skating career?
Katia: I don't think she's interested in it. She was taking lessons, but she's not sticking with it. I won't put pressure on her for this. I want to give her a choice.

ZineZone: Could you tell us a little about what the Sergei Garden is and how it's doing?
Katia: When Target built up Target house... celebrities (like Scott Hamilton) had big dreams about this. There are many flowers and bushes near the house. There's a table with a world map in the garden. There's a table with a world map in the garden. All different countries where Sergei and I travelled are shown. The places we competed are highlighted. It's a quiet place and there are many things going on in the house. It's a nice serene place ... with a little waterfall too.

ZineZone: Ekaterina, Do you know how you have touched the lives of people is such a positive way?
Katia: I know people tell me this. It touches me that I touch people with my skating. :o)

ZineZone: Which American food is your favorite???
Katia: I think cereal. Many different American brands are great. I have it for breakfast.

ZineZone: Who has made the biggest impact on your life?
Katia: I think my family. My mother, for sure. She is a wonderful woman. She taught me a lot.

ZineZone: I truly admire you and want to thank you for making skating so enjoyable to watch!! Do you ever read any skating message boards on the internet??
Katia: Not really. I have a computer, but don't get online very often. I don't have the time.

ZineZone: You skating has touched my soul, and is very inspiring to me. What did you do this summer to take a break from skating?
Katia: We went to Hawaii. I did a lot of swimming. I relaxed on the beach.

ZineZone: Katia , are u going to be in a Christmas Special this year with Scott?
Katia: I'm not aware of any.

ZineZone: As a participant in competitive skating, what do you envision the sport to become as we move into the 21st century?
Katia: I can see skating becoming more technical. Jumps will improve. We will see many quads.

ZineZone: Thanx for being with us tonight, Katia, it was terrific. Anything you'd like to add?
Katia: Thank you everyone for coming and chatting! I really enjoyed it. :o)

ZineZone: Thanks, everyone, for joining ZineZone and TalkCity.